Providing efficient and effective service to local authorities, Magistrates’ Courts and private landlords since 2002

Our Partners

London Warrant Enforcement works in partnership with many London Boroughs and District councils within the Home Counties. We specialise in providing an efficient and effective bespoke service each tailored to the authorities needs.

In addition to providing the traditional and effective format of visiting premises to enforce liability orders issued in the Magistrates Court we undertake the task of effecting arrest warrants both with and without bail often working in partnership with the local police to ensure good practice and conforming with PACE (Police and Criminal Evidence Act).

Other services range from inspection of properties to debt collection of sundry debts such as commercial waste debts and overpaid housing benefit. We also provide rapid process serving of statutory demands and bankruptcy petitions.

London Warrant & Enforcement have been helping Ealing Council collect Revenue from non-payers for nearly twenty years. I am pleased to say we can always expect, and have always received a professional service from the execution to the administration. One of the valuable benefits of working with John and his team, is that they know their debtors and the localities really well and will often report back relevant information that can be passed on to other areas of business such as licensing and envirocrime as well as information that helps our own administration such as new lease or empty property details. LWE understand what we want as a Local Authority as well as understanding our debtors. They provide an excellent service and their dedication cannot be overstated whether this is collecting a relatively small Council Tax Debt on a potentially vulnerable individual, enforcement of a large Business Rate Liability Order or process serving a Statutory Demand on a difficult customer, John and his team deliver.
Jane Pearson – London Borough of Ealing
“LWE have demonstrated their skills, knowledge and caring over the years whilst dealing with all types of enforcement. They treat each case on its merits whether it is a Bailiff case or executing a warrant of arrest and treat each customer as an individual with their own circumstances. LWE clearly understand that they are the face of H&F when acting on our behalf.
The have bailed debtors, made arrests, and obtained employment details to allow us to explore all routes of recovery. They have also provided us with details of social housing sub-letting and flagged up previously unknown vulnerability issues. The case collection rate is always good and they give us above expected returns on cases where we believed this would not be possible.
It has always been easy to work with LWE and John and his team have always been happy to share their experience & knowledge with us to improve performance”
Janet Chaplin – London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
“The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea have used the service of London Warrant Enforcement Ltd for over a decade executing Council Tax warrants for our Committal proceedings. They have a professional approach and provide us with new information found following their attendance to our debtor’s properties. LWE have bailed, made arrest, collected payments and obtained employment details of Council Tax debtors.”
Roland Goodchild - The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
“I have been working with LWE for over 12 years and have always been impressed with the service they provide for the execution of bail and no bail warrants. They often collect the full payment outstanding and are prepared to go the extra mile to assist the debtor and the authority in getting the debt resolved. LWE always provide additional information such as employment details and properties they identify as HMO’s that results in increased revenue collection for the authority. I always recommend LWE’s services to other Revenue Managers that are looking for increased revenue collection.”
Testimonial from Kevin Strong – London Borough of Hounslow
“I have worked with LWE for nearly a decade and like their consistent approach to strive to get the best results for their clients. As a company they are professional and courteous to client and customers alike. As the technological age advances LWE have moved with the times and are focused on using updated technology to give better client/customer service. I have found the Enforcement Agents at LWE to work closely with you and are always happy to go that little extra.”
Lisa Turfitt – London Borough of Hillingdon
"As part of my role, I manage the interactions with charge payers that are considered vulnerable, I am very impressed with the process’s that LWE utilise to ensure these cases are given the approach and level of support that is required. The Enforcement Agents are very well trained in being able to identify any forms of vulnerability, or people that require additional supportive help. Should any vulnerability be identified the Enforcement Agents contact me direct to make me aware so a resolution can be sought for all parties - I see our relationship as a true partnership and look forward to working together as a team going forward"
Nicola Eakins – Thurrock Council

"LWE are one of the newly appointed Enforcement Agents to my area and I am hugely impressed with their focus and dedication that they offer. They certainly go the extra mile and they offer a real professional and personal service. Our relationship with their Enforcement Agents in my area is excellent and work with us in a true partnership form. I highly recommend them"
Kevin Tuttle – Thurrock Council