Providing efficient and effective service to local authorities, Magistrates’ Courts and private landlords since 2002

Local Taxation

Since 2002 LWE has provided essential recovery services to council’s. We are very proud that our first council the London Borough of Ealing are still a client to this day.

We now offer various services to Councils and outsourced companies for various debts that are owed to them that includes Council Tax and National Non Domestic Rate.

Services include using the

  • Taking Control of Goods regulations to execute liability orders.
  • Effect arrest warrants both with and without bail for Council Tax arrears.
  • Process serving Statutory Demands and Bankruptcy Petitions

Being a small company we are able to offer a bespoke service that is second to none. Our officers know the area in which they work and are not parachuted in to blitz an area and leave for somebody else to pick up on weeks later losing all continuity.

We are often used by councils to target certain areas they are having difficulties with or enforce a particular batch of liability orders that are of a sensitive nature.

If you are a Revenues Manager and struggling with your existing Enforcement Agents then pick up the phone for a chat. Procuring Enforcement Agents is not required JBW Group Ltd v Ministry of Justice [2012] EWCA Civ 8 (16 January 2012)

Tel: 020 7608 5677 or e-mail